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1. LE PHUOC TRINH, Dynamics and analytical models of short-term coastal changes in the case of storms 

2. VO VAN LANH, DANG VAN HOAN, The southward cold current along the coast of Central Vietnam 

3. LA VAN BAI, Chebusev coefficients of thermohaline structure in the sea region of Central Vietnam 

4. NGUYEN BA XUAN, Study on the variation of the vertical structure of temperature and salinity at the regions of Vietnamese continental shelf in Junes of 2000 and 2001  

5. BUI HONG LONG, TONG PHUOC HOANG SON, Some calculated results on statistic characteristics of meteorological-hydro-dynamical processes in the waters of northern Binh Thuan province 

6. VU TUAN ANH, The calculated results of current field and its effects on the process of sediment       transport  at Dong Bo river mouth (Cua Be), Nha Trang  

7. NGUYEN TAC AN, Evaluation of the oceanographical conditions and environmental capacity for        mariculture development in coastal waters of Khanh Hoa province 

8. PHAM VAN THOM, DUONG TRONG KIEM, NGUYEN HONG THU, PHAM HUU TAM, LE THI VINH, Environmental impacts of economic activities on quality of southwest part of  Van Phong bay 

9. PHAM VAN THOM, NGUYEN TAC AN, HOANG TRUNG DU, Some remarks on the distribution of nutrients along the transect Nha Trang - Luzon       (Vietnamese - Philippines cooperative investigation, JOMSRE II, May 2000) 

10. NGUYEN HUU HUAN, BUI HONG LONG, Material balances in Cu Mong lagoon - Phu Yen province 

11. TRINH THE HIEU, Status and change tendency of river mouths and lagoons in the Mid-Central and Southern Central Vietnam 

12. TRAN DUC THANH, TRAN VAN DIEN, DO DINH CHIEN, Inlet change in Tam Giang-Cau Hai lagoon and coastal flood 

13. NGUYEN NGOC LAM, NGUYEN THI MAI ANH, DOAN NHU HAI, HO VAN THE, Seasonal variations in the abundance of phytoplankton in the shallow waters of  Cua        Be river estuary, Nha Trang bay, Central Vietnam

14. NGUYEN HUU DAI, PHAM HUU TRI, Some new records of marine algae from Vietnam - Part1

15. NGUYEN CHO, NGUYEN AN KHANG, Distribution of zooplankton in the East Sea "Results of the Vietnam - Philippines         joint Oceanographic and Marine Scientific Research Cruise, 2000" 

16. NGUYEN VAN CHUNG , The genus Charybdis (Crustacea: Portunidae) in Vietnam 

17. VO SI TUAN, HUA THAI TUYEN, NGUYEN XUAN HOA, LYNDON DEVANTIER, Shallow water habitats of Hon Mun Marine Protected Area, Nha Trang bay,          Vietnam: distribution, extent and status 2002 

18. NGUYEN HUU PHUNG, VO VAN QUANG, TRAN THI HONG HOA,  The fish eggs and larvae in coastal waters of Khanh Hoa province 

19. E.A. TITLYANOV, VO SI TUAN, T.V. TITLYANOVA, On long-term maintenance and cultivation of hermatypic corals under artificial        conditions   

20. HA LE THI LOC, The embryonic and larvae developments of tomato anemonefish (Amphiprion         frenatus Brevoort, 1856) in Khanh Hoa coast 

21. NGUYEN VAN LONG, A transport of flounder larvae (Platichthys flesus L.)  into Mariager Fjord 

22. NHEZDOLI V.K, NGO CHI THIEN, NGUYEN DUY TOAN, The drift of ichthyoplankton in river-estuary-sea systems of Cai river in Nha Trang         City - Khanh Hoa province 

23. DO TUYET NGA, LUU THI HA, PHAM XUAN KY, CAO PHUONG DUNG, DAO VIET HA, Investigation of phytotoxin (mainly PSP, DSP) at Cua Be (Nha Trang bay) during 1998 

24. PHAM XUAN KY, CAO PHUONG DUNG, DO TUYET NGA, LUU THI HA , Assessing the content and toxic level of ciguatoxins of marine fishes in the        markets in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) 

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