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Cong bo 178 - Dioxin

1.      Le Thi Hai Le, Le Ke Son, Nguyen Duc Hue,  and John Willcokson, 2011. Human health risk assessment of dioxin from soil contamination in da nang airbase vicinity. Organohalogen Compounds. Vol. 73, 1772-1775 (2011). Pp1772-1775. Dowloadfull


2.      Le Thi Hai Le, Nguyen Xuan Net, 2011. DIOXINS IN VIETNAM. Organohalogen Compounds. Vol. 72, 251-254 (2010). Pp 251 -254.Dowloadfull


3.      Le Thi Hai Le, Lai Minh Hien, Le Ke Son, 2009. The environmental and human health issues at three "dioxin hotspots” of vietnam. Vol. 71, 2009 / Organohalogen Compounds page 000215.Dowloadfull

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